Best apps to learn spanish easy and simple

Learn Spanish with Babbel

Today, I want to introduce a couple of useful applications for Spanish language learning, where you learn additional, also, play, understand, write and speak the language especially. Includes basic and advanced vocabulary which you can use at home or when traveling. An interesting issue is the application that contains interactive form practice your pronunciation. The application is named to learn Spanish with Babbel, created by, which is one of the language learning platforms largest in the world.

The application contains 3,000 words with images, pronunciation and example sentences, smart review system, voice recognition for pronunciation exercises, off-line mode, basic and advanced vocabulary Spanish, is a free application.

Babbel is complete and no slouch compared to Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Livemocha, Mindsnacks, Pons, busuu, Mobilinga or Langenscheidt, among others.

Among the innovations it contains are:
New courses available
A review system that can be used with Bluetooth
On devices without built-in microphone (eg Kindle Fire), you can now use voice recognition with an external microphone

Learn Spanish Free

Learn Spanish free, is the name of the application which contains lessons, videos and exercises to reinforce the use of the same. The courses contain about 200 short videos where you find the explanation in detail, the advantage is that you can see it and see it to learn.

The initial course has 10 chapters totaling 100 lessons: Fundamentals, places, food, time, Health, Travel and Transportation, Grammar and Vocabulary Builder.

The only thing is you need a WiFi / network to view the videos.

Spanish - Learn Spanish

The Spanish application is created for students who have a beginner and intermediate level. Contains 1000 words in Spanish that are most useful and phrases you learn quickly and easily. With this you can forget about the problems that usually can spend as ordering a beer, order a coffee, a hamburger, understand Spanish football comment or just amaze your friends with your new knowledge.

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